Tools & Promotion Mechanics

Can I mix and match the promotion mechanics?

Yes, choose which ever combination of mechanics will help you to achieve your campaign goals. For example, a promotion requiring a purchase, with a single prize to be won, from a brand with a large venue could use a combination of our unique code, prize draw, and 360 mechanics.

How do we customise the tools to fit with our brand?

Our in-house team of developers and designers will create a unique look and feel of the promotion to fit in with your brand guidelines. We also work well with marketing and graphic design agencies to deliver any creative or technical aspect to the promotion.

On what channels can our promotion(s) delivered?

All of our promotion mechanics are available as microsites, integrated into brand websites, social media apps, Android apps, iOS apps, and Windows phone apps. We also have the capability to deliver through more traditional methods such as SMS or post-in.

Can we deliver our promotion in different languages?

Internationalisation is at the heart of all our technology, giving you the ability to deliver promotions in different countries, adhering to different laws, all in different languages.

Management Platform

What features does the platform offer?

Live Promotion Dashboards, FraudShield™, Analysis & Stats, Promotion Prediction, Entry Management, Random Winner(s) Selection, Unique Code Generation & Management, Legal Compliance, and many more other features.

Is the platform an extra cost on-top of the promotion?

The platform is included in any full promotion we deliver.

Can we use your platform for an existing promotion or a promotion that our in-house team or agency will develop?

Yes. We provide an API or web service to allow your external agency or in-house team to connect to our platform.

We have our web team or agency we want to use to do the build, how can we integrate into the platform?

Our API web service documentation coupled with our helpful technical staff gives you’re the in-house developer or external agency all the knowledge needed to successfully integrate your promotion into our platform..

Can I set up automated campaigns myself?

We’ll work in partnership with you and/or your agency to develop an effective campaign that seamlessly matches your brand. This is not an automated setup. However, you will have full control of the campaign, the results, and data analytics.

Working with us

Do you work directly with brands?

Yes, we can work alongside marketing and sales promotion professionals whether they are an agency or employees of the end client.

Can you run the whole campaign for me?

We support marketing, sales and PR professionals by delivering our customised tools and management platform to run your campaign. We don’t offer a wider marketing or sales promotion consultancy service in-house. However, we have a number of key agency partners who can help you to achieve the best results.

Entry Management

How do we minimise fraud?

Our Fraudshield™ technology underpins the entry verification systems in all our tools and management system, ensuring that attempts made which may not be genuine are picked up and identified as such. Cashback promotions can be high risk when it comes to fraud, our technology can even identify potential uploaded fraudulent receipts. All high risk promotions will be monitored by our in-house fraud team.

How do you stop duplicate entries?

Our Fraudshield™ technology underpins the entry verification systems in all our tools, ensuring that attempts to duplicate entries are picked up and can be rejected automatically. We can also work with you when planning the promotion to minimise the risk of multiple entries in the consumer journey.

How are winners selected?

There are a number of rules and regulations in different countries when it comes to the selection of winners. Our platform is approved to work with all legal frameworks when selecting winners.

Can you help us manage any queries from our customers entering the promotion?

Yes, we can do this all for you. We have voice and email customer service capability for our promotions and are available to assist customers in entering and engaging with your promotion. However, our platform can give you the ability to do this in-house, if you prefer.